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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Measuring shape, stiffness, and interface tension of droplets with the scanning ion conductance microscope.
ACS Nano (accepted, 2024).

J.R. Xavier, C. Rianna, E. Hellwich, I. Nikolou, A. Kumar Lankapalli, S.Y. Brucker, Y. Singh, F. Lang, T.E. Schäffer, and M.S. Salker.
Excessive endometrial PlGF-Rac1 signalling underlies endometrial cell stiffness linked to pre-eclampsia.
Communications Biology (accepted, 2024).

A. Balmes, J.G. Rodríguez, J. Seifert, D. Pinto-Quintero, A.A. Khawaja, M. Boffito, M. Frye, A. Friebe, M. Emerson, F. Seta, R. Feil, S. Feil, and T.E. Schäffer.
Role of the NO-GC/cGMP signaling pathway in platelet biomechanics.
Platelets 35, 2313359 (2024).
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P. Kalwa, S. Walz, M. Granai, F. Fend, A. Stenzl, and T.E. Schäffer.
Differentiation of Bladder Cancer with Water Flow Elastography (WaFE).
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 150, 106319 (2024).
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C. Carlantoni, L. Liekfeld, S.A. Hemkemeyer, D. Schreier, C. Saygi, R. Kurelic, S. Cardarelli, J. Kalucka, C. Schulte, M. Beerens, R. Mailer, T.E. Schäffer, F. Naro, M. Pellegrini, V.O. Nikolaev, T. Renné, and M. Frye.
The phosphodiesterase 2A controls lymphatic junctional maturation via cGMP-dependent notch signaling.
Developmental Cell 59, 1-18 (2024).
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P. Seizer, S.N.I. von Ungern-Sternberg, V. Haug, V. Dicenta, A. Rosa, E. Butt, M. Nöthel, A.-K. Rohlfing, M. Sigle, P.P. Nawroth, C. Nussbaum, M. Sperandio, C. Kusch, M. Meub, M. Sauer, P. Münzer, K. Bieber, A. Stanger, A.F. Mack, R. Huber, K. Brand, M. Lehners, R. Feil, A. Poso, K. Krutzke, T.E. Schäffer, B. Nieswandt, O. Borst, A.E. May, A. Zernecke, M. Gawaz, and D. Heinzmann.
Cyclophilin A is a ligand for RAGE in thrombo-inflammation.
Cardiovascular Research (2024, in press).
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P. Kalwa and T.E. Schäffer.
Water flow elastography – a promising tool to measure tissue stiffness during minimally invasive surgery.
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 145, 106004 (2023).
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I.A. Sergeeva, D.V. Klinov, T.E. Schäffer, and E.V. Dubrovin.
Characterization of the effect of chromium salts on tropocollagen molecules and molecular aggregates.
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 242, 124835 (2023).


I.D. Dietzel, P. Happel, and T.E. Schäffer.
The Evolution of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy.
In “Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy”, T.E. Schäffer (Ed.), Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (2022).

H. von Eysmondt and T.E. Schäffer.
Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy: A Comparison of Strengths and Limitations for Biological Investigations.
In “Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy”, T.E. Schäffer (Ed.), Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (2022).

J. Seifert, J. Rheinlaender, H. von Eysmondt, and T.E. Schäffer.
Mechanics of Migrating Platelets Investigated with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy.
Nanoscale 14, 8192-8199 (2022).
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D. Rath, V. Rapp, J. Schwartz, S. Winter, F. Emschermann, D. Arnold, J. Rheinlaender, M. Büttcher, M. Strebl, M.B. Braun, K. Altgelt, Á. Petersen-Uribe, C. Schories, D. Canjuga, E. Schaeffeler, O. Borst, T.E. Schäffer, H. Langer, T. Stehle, M. Schwab, T. Geisler, M. Gawaz, M. Chatterjee.
Homophilic interaction between transmembrane-JAM-A and soluble JAM-A regulates thrombo-inflammation: Implications for coronary artery disease.
JACC: Basic to Translational Science 7, 445 (2022).
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J. Baumann, L. Sachs, O. Otto, I. Schoen, P. Nestler, C. Zaninetti, M. Kenny, R. Kranz, H. von Eysmondt, J. Rodriguez, T.E. Schäffer, Z. Nagy, A. Greinacher, R. Palankar, and M. Bender.
Reduced platelet forces underlie impaired hemostasis in mouse models of MYH9-related disease.
Science Advances 8, eabn2627 (2022).
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A.-K. Rohlfing, K. Kolb, M. Sigle, M. Ziegler, A. Bild, P. Münzer, J. Sudmann, V. Dicenta, T. Harm, M.-C. Manke, S. Geue, M. Kremser, M. Chatterjee, C. Liang, H. von Eysmondt, T. Dandekar, D. Heinzmann, M. Günter, S. von Ungern-Sternberg, M. Büttcher, T. Castor, S. Mencl, F. Langhauser, K. Sies, D. Ashour, M.C. Beker, M. Lämmerhofer, S. Autenrieth, T.E. Schäffer, S. Laufer, P. Szklanna, P. Maguire, M. Heikenwälder, K.A.L. Müller, D.M. Hermann, E. Kilic, R. Stumm, G. Ramos, C. Kleinschnitz, O. Borst, H.F. Langer, D. Rath, and M. Gawaz.
ACKR3 regulates platelet activation and ischemia-reperfusion myocardial injury.
Nature Communications 13, 1832 (2022).
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M. Cebo, K. Dittrich, X. Fu, M.-C. Manke, F. Emschermann, J. Rheinlaender, H. von Eysmondt, N. Ferreirós, J. Sudman, A. Witte, L. Pelzl, O. Borst, T. Geisler, D. Rath, T. Bakchoul, M. Gawaz, T.E. Schäffer, M. Lämmerhofer, and M. Chatterjee.
Platelet ACKR3/CXCR7 favors antiplatelet lipids over an atherothrombotic lipidome and regulates thromboinflammation.
Blood 139, 1722-1742 (2022).
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J.A. Nestele, A.-K. Rohlfing, V. Dicenta, A. Bild, D. Eißler, F. Emschermann, M. Kremser, K. Krutzke, T.E. Schäffer, M. Levi, N. Korin, O. Borst, and M.P. Gawaz.
Characterization of GPVI- or GPVI-CD39-coated nanoparticles and their impact on in vitro thrombus formation.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23, 11 (2022).
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M. Schächtele, J. Kemmler, J. Rheinlaender, and T.E. Schäffer.
Combined High-Speed Atomic Force and Optical Microscopy Shows that Viscoelastic Properties of Melanoma Cancer Cells Change during the Cell Cycle.
Advanced Materials Technologies 2101000 (2021).
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J. Seifert, H. von Eysmondt, M. Chatterjee, M. Gawaz, and T.E. Schäffer.
Effect of oxidized low-density lipoproteins on platelet shape, spreading, and migration investigated with deep learning platelet morphometry.
Cells 10, 2932 (2021).
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D.A.D. Flormann, C. Anton, M.O. Pohland, Y. Bautz, K. Kaub, E. Terriac, T.E. Schäffer, J. Rheinlaender, A. Janshoff, A. Ott, and F. Lautenschläger.
Oscillatory microrheology, creep compliance and stress relaxation of biological cells reveal strong correlations as probed by atomic force microscopy.
Frontiers in Physics 9, 711860 (2021).
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N. Harland, B. Amend, N. Lipke, S.Y. Brucker, F. Fend, A. Herkommer, H. Lensch, O. Sawodny, T.E. Schäffer, K. Schenke-Layland, C. Tarín Sauer, W. Aicher, A. Stenzl.
Organoide zur Weiterentwicklung der intraoperativen Diagnostik.
Der Urologe 9, 60, 1159-66 (2021).
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R. Businger, S. Kivimaki, S. Simeonov, G.V. Syrigos, J. Pohlmann, M. Bolz, P. Müller, M. Codrea, C. Templin, M. Messerle, K. Hamprecht, T.E. Schäffer, S. Nahnsen, and M. Schindler.
Comprehensive analysis of human cytomegalovirus- and HIV-mediated plasma membrane remodeling in macrophages.
mBio 12, e01770-21 (2021).
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J. Rheinlaender, H. Wirbel, and T.E. Schäffer.
Spatial correlation of cell stiffness and traction forces in cancer cells measured with combined SICM and TFM.
RSC Advances 11, 13951 (2021).
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E.V. Dubrovin, L.A. Dadinova, M.V. Petoukhov, E.Y. Soshinskaya, A.A. Mozhaev, D.V. Klinov, T.E. Schäffer, E.V. Shtykova, and O.V. Batishchev.
Spatial organization of Dps and DNA–Dps complexes.
Journal of Molecular Biology 433, 166930 (2021).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
The effect of finite sample thickness in scanning ion conductance microscopy stiffness measurements.
Applied Physics Letters 117, 113701 (2020).
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E.V. Dubrovin, D.V. Klinov, and T.E. Schäffer.
Evidence of (anti)metamorphic properties of modified graphitic surfaces obtained in real time at a single-molecule level.
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 193, 111077 1-10 (2020).
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M. Chatterjee, M. Lämmerhofer, and T.E. Schäffer.
Platelet Lipidomics: A Novel Approach to Assessing Cardiovascular Risk.
Scientia Global, March 13 (2020).


E.V. Dubrovin, N. A. Barinov, T.E. Schäffer, and D.V. Klinov.
In situ single-molecule AFM investigation of surface-induced fibrinogen unfolding on graphite.
Langmuir 35, 9732-9739 (2019).
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S. Simeonov and T.E. Schäffer.
Ultrafast imaging of cardiomyocyte contractions by combining scanning ion conductance microscopy with a microelectrode array.
Analytical Chemistry 91, 9648-9655 (2019).
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S. Simeonov and T.E. Schäffer.
High-speed scanning ion conductance microscopy for sub-second topography imaging of live cells.
Nanoscale 11, 8579-8587 (2019).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Mapping the creep compliance of living cells with scanning ion conductance microscopy reveals a subcellular correlation between stiffness and fluidity.
Nanoscale 11, 6982-6989 (2019).
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N. Schierbaum, J. Rheinlaender, and T.E. Schäffer.
Combined atomic force microscopy (AFM) and traction force microscopy (TFM) reveals a correlation between viscoelastic material properties and contractile prestress of living cells.
Soft Matter 15, 1721-1729 (2019).
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M. Schächtele, E. Hänel, T.E. Schäffer.
Resonance compensating chirp mode for mapping the rheology of live cells by high-speed atomic force microscopy.
Applied Physics Letters 113, 093701 (2018).
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N. Schierbaum, M. Hack, O. Betz, and T.E. Schäffer.
Macro-SICM: A scanning ion conductance microscope for large-range imaging.
Analytical Chemistry 90, 5048-5054 (2018).
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R.J. Sauter, M. Sauter, E.S. Reis, F.N. Emschermann, H. Nording, S. Ebenhöch, P. Kraft, P. Münzer, M. Mauler, J. Rheinlaender, J. Madlung, F. Edlich, T.E. Schäffer, S.G. Meuth, D. Duerschmied, T. Geisler, O. Borst, M. Gawaz, C. Kleinschnitz, J.D. Lambris, H.F. Langer.
Functional Relevance of the Anaphylatoxin Receptor C3aR for Platelet Function and Arterial Thrombus Formation Marks an Intersection Point Between Innate Immunity and Thrombosis.
Circulation 138, 1720-1735 (2018).
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J. Seifert, J. Rheinlaender, and T.E. Schäffer.
Skewness of the height distribution in cell topography images is a measure of cell shape.
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57, 08NB02 (2018).
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E. Brauchle, J. Kasper, R. Daum, N. Schierbaum, C. Falch, A. Kirschniak, T.E. Schäffer, and K. Schenke-Layland.
Biomechanical and biomolecular characterization of extracellular matrix structures in human colon carcinomas.
Matrix Biology 68-69, 180-193 (2018).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
An accurate model for the ion current-distance behavior in SICM allows for calibration of pipet tip geometry and tip-sample distance.
Analytical Chemistry 89, 11875-11880 (2017).
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E.V. Dubrovin, M. Schächtele, D. V. Klinov, and T.E. Schäffer
Time-lapsed single biomolecule atomic force microscopy investigation on modified graphite in solution.
Langmuir 33, 10027-10034 (2017).
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F. Lang, L. Pelzl, L. Schöls, A. Hermann, M. Föller, T.E. Schäffer, and C. Stournaras.
Neurons, erythrocytes and beyond – The diverse functions of chorein.
Neurosignals 25, 117-126 (2017).
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J. Seifert, J. Rheinlaender, F. Lang, M. Gawaz, and T.E. Schäffer
Thrombin-induced cytoskeleton dynamics in spread human platelets observed with fast scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Scientific Reports 7, 4810 (2017).
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N. Schierbaum, J. Rheinlaender, and T.E. Schäffer
Viscoelastic properties of normal and cancerous human breast cells are affected differently by contact to adjacent cells.
Acta Biomaterialia 55, 239-248 (2017).
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M. Chatterjee, D. Rath, J. Schlotterbeck, J. Rheinlaender, B. Walker-Allgaier, N. Alnaggar, M. Zdanyte, I. Müller, O. Borst, T. Geisler, T.E. Schäffer, M. Lämmerhofer, and M. Gawaz
Regulation of oxidized platelet lipidome: implications for coronary artery disease.
European Heart Journal 38, 1993-2005 (2017).
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A. Klapproth, M. Schärli, T. Göen, F. Eckert, T.E. Schäffer, R. Cesnjevar, and F. Münch
Migration von Additiven (DEHP & TOTM) aus Ph.i.s.i.o-beschichteten PVC-Materialien in Medizinprodukten.
Kardiotechnik 1, 3-11 (2017).
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E. Dubrovin, M. Schächtele, and T.E. Schäffer
Nanotemplate-directed DNA segmental thermal motion.
RSC Advances 6, 79584-79592 (2016).
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M.S. Salker, N. Schierbaum, N. Alowayed, Y. Singh, A.F. Mack, C. Stournaras, T.E. Schäffer, F. Lang
LeftyA decreases Actin Polymerization and Stiffness in Human Endometrial Cancer Cells.
Scientific Reports 6, 29370 (2016).
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M.-J. Kraus, J. Seifert, E.F. Strasser, M. Gawaz, T.E. Schäffer, and J. Rheinlaender
Comparative morphology analysis of live blood platelets using scanning ion conductance and robotic darkfield microscopy.
Platelets 27, 541-546 (2016).
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O. Schmal, J. Seifert, T.E. Schäffer, C.B. Walter, W.K. Aicher, G. Klein.
Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell expansion in contact with mesenchymal stromal cells in a hanging drop model uncovers disadvantages of 3D culture.
Stem Cells International, Article ID 4148093, doi:10.1155/2016/4148093 (2016).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Lateral resolution and image formation in scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Analytical Chemistry 87, 7117-7124 (2015).
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J. Seifert, J. Rheinlaender, P. Novak, Y.E. Korchev, and T.E. Schäffer.
Comparison of atomic force microscopy and scanning ion conductance microscopy for live cell imaging.
Langmuir 31, 6807-6813 (2015).
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F.M. Hecht, J. Rheinlaender, N. Schierbaum, W.H. Goldmann, B. Fabry, and T.E. Schäffer.
Imaging viscoelastic properties of live cells by AFM: Power-law rheology on the nanoscale.
Soft Matter 11, 4584-4591 (2015).
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S. Vogel, R. Bodenstein, Q. Chen, S. Feil, R. Feil, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, E. Bohn, J.-S. Frick, O. Borst, P. Münzer, B. Walker, J. Markel, G. Csanyi, P.J. Pagano, P. Loughran, M.E. Jessup, S.C. Watkins, G.C. Bullock, J.L. Sperry, B.S. Zuckerbraun, T.R. Billiar, M.T. Lotze, M. Gawaz, and M.D. Neal.
Platelet-derived HMGB1 is a critical mediator of thrombosis.
Journal of Clinical Investigation 125, 4638-4654 (2015).
Abstract / Link

J. Rheinlaender, S. Vogel, J. Seifert, M. Schächtele, O. Borst, F. Lang, M. Gawaz, and T.E. Schäffer.
Imaging the elastic modulus of human platelets during thrombin-induced activation using scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Thrombosis and Haemostasis 113, 305-311 (2015).
Abstract / Link | PDF

C.M. Hammer and T.E. Schäffer.
Atomic force microscopy crosslinks interdisciplinary eye research.
Medical Hypothesis, Disy & Innovation Ophthalmology Journal 4, 1-4 (2015).

K. Metzger, S. Vogel, M. Chatterjee, O. Borst, P. Seizer, T. Schönberger, T. Geisler, F. Lang, H. Langer, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, and M. Gawaz.
High-frequency ultrasound-guided disruption of glycoprotein VI-targeted microbubbles targets atheroprogression in mice.
Biomaterials 36, 80-89 (2015).
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D. Claus, P.M. Schumacher, M. Wilke, M. Mlikota, U. Weber, S. Schmauder, N. Schierbaum, T.E. Schäffer, P. Wittmüß, T. Teutsch, C. Tarin, S. Hoffmann, S. Brucker, J. Mischinger, C. Schwentner, A. Stenzl, and W. Osten.
Intraoperative model based identification of tissue properties based on multimodal and multiscale measurements.
Proceedings of SPIE 9328, 932805 (2015).
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C. Braunsmann, J. Seifert, J. Rheinlaender, and T.E. Schäffer.
High-speed force mapping on living cells with a small cantilever atomic force microscope.
Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 073703 (2014).
Abstract / Link | PDF

D. Thatenhorst, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, I.D. Dietzel, and P. Happel.
Effect of sample slope on image formation in scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Analytical Chemistry 86, 9838–9845 (2014).
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C. Braunsmann, V. Prucker, and T.E. Schäffer.
Optical knife-edge displacement sensor for high-speed atomic force microscopy.
Applied Physics Letters 104, 103101 (2014).
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S. Krajewski, J. Rheinlaender, P. Ries, D. Canjuga, C. Mack, L. Scheideler, T.E. Schäffer, J. Geis-Gerstorfer, H.-P. Wendel, and F. Rupp.
Bacterial interactions with proteins and cells relevant for the development of life-threatening endocarditis studied by a quartz crystal microbalance-based biosensor.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 406, 3395-3406 (2014).
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C. Braunsmann and T.E. Schäffer.
Note: Artificial neural networks for the automated analysis of force map data in atomic force microscopy.
Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 056104 (2014).
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J. Seifert, C.M. Hammer, J. Rheinlaender, S. Sel, M. Scholz, F. Paulsen, and T.E. Schäffer.
Distribution of the Young’s modulus in porcine corneas after riboflavin/UVA-induced collagen cross-linking by atomic force microscopy.
PLoS ONE 9, e88186 (2014).
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C. Braunsmann, R. Proksch, I. Revenko, and T.E. Schäffer.
Creep compliance mapping by atomic force microscopy.
Polymer 55, 219-225 (2014).
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S. Hinderer, J. Seifert, M. Votteler, N. Shen, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, and K. Schenke-Layland.
Engineering of a bio-functionalized hybrid off-the-shelf heart valve.
Biomaterials 35, 2130-2139 (2014).
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T.E. Schäffer.
Nanomechanics of molecules and living cells with scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Analytical Chemistry 85, 6988–6994 (2013).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Mapping the mechanical stiffness of live cells with the scanning ion conductance microscope.
Soft Matter 9, 3230-3236 (2013).
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M.H. Griessl, B. Schmid, K. Kassler, C. Braunsmann, R. Ritter, B. Barlag, Y.-D. Stierhof, K.U. Sturm, C. Danzer, C. Wagner, T.E. Schäffer, H. Sticht, M. Hensel, and Y.A. Muller.
Structural insight into the giant Ca2+-binding adhesin SiiE: Implications for the adhesion of Salmonella enterica to polarized epithelial cells.
Structure 21, 741-752 (2013).
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I. Alesutan, J. Seifert, T. Pakladok, J. Rheinlaender, A. Lebedeva, S.T. Towhid, C. Stournaras, J. Voelkl, T.E. Schäffer, and F. Lang.
Chorein sensitivity of actin polymerization, cell shape and mechanical stiffness of vascular endothelial cells.
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 32, 728–742 (2013).
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W. Xiang, J.C.M. Schlachetzki, S. Heilig, J.C. Bussmann, M. Berlinghof, T.E. Schäffer, K. Marcus, J. Winkler, J. Klucken, and C.-M. Becker.
Oxidative stress-induced posttranslational modifications of alpha-synuclein: Specific modification of alpha-synuclein by 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal increases dopaminergic toxicity.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 54, 71-83 (2013).
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J. Rheinlaender, A. Gräbner, L. Ott, A. Burkovski, and T.E. Schäffer.
Contour and persistence length of Corynebacterium diphtheriae pili by atomic force microscopy.
European Biophysics Journal 41, 561-570 (2012).
Abstract / Link

C. Braunsmann, C.M. Hammer, J. Rheinlaender, F.E. Kruse, T.E. Schäffer, and U. Schlötzer-Schrehardt.
Evaluation of lamina cribrosa and peripapillary sclera stiffness in pseudo-exfoliation and normal eyes by atomic force microscopy.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 53, 2960-2967 (2012)
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B. Fabry, A.H. Klemm, S. Kienle, T.E. Schäffer, and W.H. Goldmann.
Focal adhesion kinase stabilizes the cytoskeleton.
Biophysical Journal 101, 2131–2138 (2011).
Abstract / Link

J. Rheinlaender, N.A. Geisse, R. Proksch, and T.E. Schäffer.
Comparison of scanning ion conductance microscopy with atomic force microscopy for cell imaging.
Langmuir 27, 697-704 (2011).
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C. Braunsmann and T.E. Schäffer.
High-speed atomic force microscopy for large scan sizes using small cantilevers.
Nanotechnology 21, 225705 (2010).
Abstract / Link

L. Ott, M. Höller, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, M. Hensel, and A. Burkovski.
Strain-specific differences in pili formation and the interaction of Corynebacterium diphtheriae with host cells.
BMC Microbiology 10:257 (2010).
Abstract / Link | PDF

A.H. Klemm, S. Kienle, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, and W.H. Goldmann.
The Influence of Pyk2 on the Mechanical Properties in Fibroblasts.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 393, 694-697 (2010).
Abstract / Link

J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy.
In “Scanning Probe Microscopy of Functional Materials”, S.V. Kalinin and A. Gruverman, eds., Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, ISBN 978-1441965677, p.433-460 (2010).

L. Ott, M. Höller, R.G. Gerlach, M. Hensel, J. Rheinlaender, T.E. Schäffer, and A. Burkovski.
Corynebacterium diphtheriae invasion-associated protein (DIP1281) is involved in cell surface organization, adhesion and internalization in epithelial cells.
BMC Microbiology 10:2 (2010).
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J. Rheinlaender and T.E. Schäffer.
Image formation and resolution in scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Journal of Applied Physics 105, 094905 (2009).
Abstract / Link | PDF

M. Böcker, S. Muschter, E. Schmitt, C. Steinem, and T.E. Schäffer.
Imaging and patterning of pore-suspending membranes with scanning ion conductance microscopy.
Langmuir 25, 3022-3028 (2009).
Abstract / Link | PDF

M. Böcker, H. Fuchs, and T.E. Schäffer.
Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy of Cellular and Artificial Membranes.
In “Nanotechnology: Volume 6: Nanoprobes”, H. Fuchs, ed., WILEY-VCH Verlag, Weinheim, ISBN 978-3-527-31733-2, p.197-212 (2009).


D. Sánchez, N. Johnson, C. Li, P. Novak, J. Rheinlaender, Y. Zhang, U. Anand, P. Anand, J. Gorelik, G.I. Frolenkov, C. Benham, M. Lab, V.P. Ostanin, T.E. Schäffer, D. Klenerman, and Y.E. Korchev.
Non-contact measurement of the local mechanical properties of living cells using pressure applied via a pipette.
Biophysical Journal 95, 3017–3027 (2008).
Abstract / Link


A. Heredia, C.C. Bui, U. Suter, P. Young, and T.E. Schäffer.
AFM combines functional and morphological analysis of peripheral myelinated and demyelinated nerve fibers.
NeuroImage 37, 1218-1226 (2007).
Abstract / Link

C. Riethmüller, T.E. Schäffer, F. Kienberger, W. Stracke, and H. Oberleithner.
Vacuolar structures can be identified by AFM elasticity mapping.
Ultramicroscopy 107, 895–901 (2007).
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M. Böcker, B. Anczykowski, J. Wegener, and T.E. Schäffer.
Scanning ion conductance microscopy with distance-modulated shear force control.
Nanotechnology 18, 145505 (2007).
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A. Heredia, M. Aguilar-Franco, C. Magaña, C. Flores, C. Piña, R. Velázquez, T.E. Schäffer, L. Bucio, and V.A. Basiuk.
Structure and interactions of calcite spherulites with alpha-chitin in the brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus) shell.
Materials Science and Engineering C 27, 8-13 (2007).
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M. Böcker and T.E. Schäffer.
Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy.
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